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Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

Dumbbell…Me AND the Weights!

Okay, so today was going to be a run day. Guess not, now. Yesterday I was cleaning up the office in preparing the house for Thanksgiving next week, and I had put some of my exercise stuff, like my big ball and some dumbbells, on the floor in our bedroom. I forgot about them, and was carrying a laundry basket from the bed backwards when I stepped onto a dumbell in my socks. I bruised my right heel, which is also on the same foot that my neuroma has been acting up. This leaves the front and the back of my right foot in pain. The bruise hurts more than the neuroma, and I’ve been running with the neuroma pain for weeks now, but even walking is bad now. I’m going to lay off it and try to do some leg exercises that don’t require walking/running, and I’ll get in some weights today, too. Since I’ve started running it seems that I’ve been neglecting my upper body strength training a little, so I’ll take the opportunity today to do it in place of the running.

These past two or three weeks have felt like another dimension, but I’ll bounce back eventually with the running and writing and whatever has been pushed to the wayside. We’re hopefully going to hear back on results regarding a family member’s health problems, so at least we’ll have answers there. Certain daily, monotonous things just don’t seem important right now while other things are up in the air like this.

Sorry to be so blah today. I’m trying not to freak out about it being a week from Thanksgiving. Clutter just doesn’t seem to be much of a concern this year. Not that it’s not there, but I’m beginning to see that it’s just not as important as just being with family. (Sarah, don’t you start or I will!)  :^)

Everyone, have a good day! I’ll be watching the rest of season 2 of Arrested Development on hulu while I clean and lift weights. 



Extended Visit

The nephew is sick, so he’s staying home with me today. I got my run in yesterday, so today’s a rest day anyway. We’re almost certain to catch the cold he has. It’s nearly impossible to keep the germs contained to only his person. We had a good time yesterday at the Jukebox Show. In addition to other things, I found a gumball machine to add to the collection. It’s one that I missed on ebay. I think I forgot to bid on it, and I was pretty upset to have given it up like that. We found this one on the floor in a booth at the show, and the seller walked up to us and said we could make him a ridiculous offer. Got it for ten bucks! It’s probably one of my oldest in the collection, too.

Signing off from cold headquarters. I hope to report back by Wednesday about what a great run I’d had. :-\


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Early Morning Run

Ran 30 minutes today, 6:15am. It was my fastest pace, too.

We’ve got one of our nephews over today, so we’re spending the day with him. Gotta run, but I hope to report a higher word count on my NaNoWriMo story soon. I made some progress this past week, but I plan on making even more. I have to! 

Later! Have a good Sunday!

Shannan  🙂

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Back in the game…

Good Morning all,

I did another 30-minute run, having only intended on going 1.5 miles, but once I’m there at that 20-minute mark I’m bound to keep pushing to the end. It’s almost becoming a game with me. If I tell myself that I’m only going to go so far, I usually end up finishing it up to the 30 minutes. I have no idea why this keeps working. lol

I just looked at my Running Ahead log, and I can see how my pace has picked up over the course of the past 10 weeks (even after considering that my C25K pace calculations included the walking portions). If I had been doing One Hour Runner, I’d have just ended my first week, except that I had done 45 minutes my first day last week. I’m happy to be able to run on my own terms, but still maintain the standards OHR upholds for progress. It’s not to say that one day I’m not going to do a 20-minute run if I’m not up to 30, or I won’t do another 45-minute run prematurely. But I get to say what I do and when I do it, and the freedom keeps me running.

I truly believe that had I committed to the OHR program for 10 weeks, I’d have already quit. Don’t get me wrong, I like running, but the C25K was enough to introduce me to running, and now I’m going to run because I want to, it keeps me fit and has been improving my heart, not because a schedule tells me to. I may do times that are similar to the plan’s, but it’s going to be on my own.

Okay, enough of the soap box. I just feel passionate about having the freedom to do what I want on the days I want. So far it’s been working.  :^)

Yesterday I picked up 9 bags of leaves from our front lawn. There are sycamores planted up and down our street, and many of the trees’ leaves inevitably come to our property, along with snow, rainfall and loose recyclables that fall when the truck empties the cans. It turns out that since it had rained/sleeted the day before, the leaves were nice and wet and tended not to fly around and set allergens flying. I did it all in an hour, and it was good exercise, too. The bags were nice and heavy, and I had to carry them to the back of the house. This was a fortunate thing, because later in the day, when I was supposed to be doing my run, I spent hours on the phone with a family matter and couldn’t run.

My sister and I spent two hours doing a NaNo sprint yesterday evening. It’s 10 minutes writing, 10 minutes not writing, for the duration. I got to increase my count, which you can see on the sidebar, and my story got to move along a little further. I’m not giving up hope that I can get to 50,000 words by November 30th, no matter how naive that hope is.  :^) We’re planning another sprint tomorrow night, which is also my mom’s birthday.


Tomorrow’s Friday, so everyone have a good weekend!



Another Run

I ran 30 minutes today. I had planned on only getting in about 1.5 miles, which would be close to 22 minutes or so, but I got there and thought, “I can and should go to 30 minutes,” so I did.

It’s been a rough week emotionally, so I was a little distant or absent altogether in some of my usual forum groups and on here. I also only got in the one 45-minute run between Monday and today.

It’s snowing here now — very lightly, like flurries, but snowing. We’re getting the house ready for Thanksgiving in the next 2 1/2 weeks, so that’s going on, along with having more things than usual to think about at work. It’s going to be a challenge to keep eating healthy and running without letting the stress of everything that’s going on bring me down…not to mention the NaNoWriMo, which you can see I’m only 870 words into (as I write this). The goal is 50,000 by November 30! My sister and I are planning to have a through-the-night writing marathon to get our word counts up, though she’s FAR ahead of me right now.

My first “textbook” came for my two MIT online, downloadable, writing courses. It’s the American poetry 1945-1960 one, which has some interesting poems inside. I can’t wait to get started, but I think it’s going to have to be at least December before I dive into that.

I’m planning on running again on Wednesday, since tomorrow’s a rest day and Tuesday’s probably a full day at work. We’ll see. I’m aiming for 6 miles a week right now, which comes out to about three 30-minute runs.

Have a good day!


I Just Ran 5K!!!

I ran 5K!

I figured that the run after my C25K graduation should be one that proves that I can actually run 5K (3.1 miles). I had been running based on time during the program, and today I decided to run based on distance. It took me 45:05 minutes, but I ended up with a 14:27 pace, which is about the pace I was doing during the final phases of the C25K program. That’s all based on my Nike+, which I will keep using to maintain consistent stats, even if it’s a bit off on the time. The Nike+ time is always about 10 seconds slower for every half hour, so my pace is probably a little bit faster over the 45 minutes.

I’m not going to be doing the One Hour Runner program. I’m not ruling it out for good, but I’m not really seeing it in my future. I just went from doing 30-minute runs to a 45-minute easy run (with a couple minutes at an increased speed, then keeping it a little faster than the run’s beginning/easy speed for the rest of the run), and I’d hate to have to follow the 30-30-30 schedule for 3 more weeks, and then slowly add to my time. Even if I’m risking overdoing it, I feel free now to run longer if I want to, or shorter on other days.

My plan thus far is going to be to not do more than one long run per week, and the other days of the week will depend on how I feel. If I can make 30 minutes, then I will. If I can only do a mile that day, then that’s how it’s going to be. My plan is to not have a plan, but to be smart about it so I don’t hurt myself. I’m sticking with 3x a week for now, but willing to be flexible.

I’ve posted some C25K graduation pics on the Week 9 page. For now, my posts will be on this front page, and I will keep Weeks 1-9 up for those who are contemplating their own C25K journey and just want to see what one person’s runs were like.

Have a great rest of the week!



I Graduated C25K!

I’m just quickly posting that I finished the C25K today! I’ll post details and some photos later…  🙂

(To quickly answer a question – I’m starting OHR next week.)


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