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Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

Week 5 is underway! Also, dress picture posted…

The first report for Week 5 is up, on my Week 5 page. I also updated my prior post about trying on my wedding dress after 10 years. I finally reached the weight I was then, and it even fit better this time than it did on my wedding day! You can see the photo toward the bottom of my Week 4 page.

Here’s a link to an article by Dave Bailey for all of us beginning runners (and maybe some entertainment for the old pros) that I found thanks to a post by JennerVT over at the Running Ahead boards: At 33, I Suddenly Got the Running Bug.

I hope everyone’s week is going well!


Week Four Done…and My Wedding Dress Fits!

My report for the last day of Week Four is posted. It was also the day I was able to put on my wedding dress again, after 10 years! Read about it here

UPDATE: Photo is now posted of me in my wedding dress.  😛

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C25K Week Four Report…It’s Getting Better! Updated

Week Four is off to a great start! Check out my report here.

Day two report posted – 9/24.

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Finished Week Three!

I’ve posted the last report for Week Three. Read it here. 🙂

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Testing my New Nike+!

Though I don’t plan on using it regularly until I finish at least the next few weeks of the C25K, when I am doing longer run times and not short intervals, I thought I’d make sure everything was working right, so I hooked it all up and did a quick 6-minute walk/run to see if it would all be captured. This is a day off the C25K for me, but I couldn’t resist testing it today. Here’s my chart for the short test:

Testing my new Nike+ gear - Short walk/run

Testing my new Nike+ gear - Short walk/run


W3D2 Report Posted

I’ve finished Week Three, Day Two and posted my report on the Week Three page. As always, scroll down to see the latest!  🙂

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No Excuses

I added a video I found on the the C25K site a while back. See it here, on my Week Three page.

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Week Two, Day Three Report…

Come by my Week Two page to read the third and last entry for Week Two of my C25K…

(Next week I’ll be adding a third page for next week’s progress reports.)

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Week Two, Day Two Report…

See today’s C25K report on my Week Two page.  🙂

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My New Running Shoes

My shoes finally came last night around 7pm. What a wait! It had been two weeks since I ordered them, and though the company from which I bought them offers free returns if the size is wrong, I didn’t want to have to go through all that again. They are Brooks Radius 7’s. They fit perfectly! They are very light and soft. I was surprised. I even thought that maybe there was only one shoe in the box!

Though it takes getting used to walking in them, they were like running on clouds on the treadmill when I used them at 8pm. Yes, I did my W2D1 C25K session way after dinner! I was so pumped to have the shoes finally that I put them on an hour beforehand while we watched Kitchen Nightmares online (we love Gordon Ramsay). More about the run on my Week Two page


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