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Where are my shoes?!?!?

I’ve been waiting two weeks for my new running shoes to come. After several unfruitful emails to the company shipping them, UPS finally has them in their hands — even on their truck this morning — yet, the UPS truck drove right past my house today. Is the driver lost? Is it on a later truck? I need to do my C25K W2D1 today, and my energy is running out FAST. I’ll have to wait until after dinner to do this, which I am not happy about. Stay tuned…


Week One…Done!

I’m happy to say that I just finished Day 3 (of 3) of the first week of the C25K. I’ve talked about it here:

Next week I’m going to start creating pages for each of the weeks, for easier reference. Each page will be listed in the righthand sidebar.  —>

Thanks for coming by!  😉


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Week One, Day Two…Done!

I just finished my second workout of the C25K. Check out my C25K page for more…


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Week One, Day One…Done

I completed my first day of Week One of the C25K. See my C25K page for the details and an ongoing progress report:


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