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Where are my shoes?!?!?

on September 8, 2008

I’ve been waiting two weeks for my new running shoes to come. After several unfruitful emails to the company shipping them, UPS finally has them in their hands — even on their truck this morning — yet, the UPS truck drove right past my house today. Is the driver lost? Is it on a later truck? I need to do my C25K W2D1 today, and my energy is running out FAST. I’ll have to wait until after dinner to do this, which I am not happy about. Stay tuned…

4 responses to “Where are my shoes?!?!?

  1. Ack…oh, man, I feel for you! That kinda stuff makes me completely nutso!


  2. Sarah says:

    I would be irritated myself!

    I had to laugh though – I thought it said “tater truck” LOL!

  3. TNThomas says:

    If you had your new running shoes you could have chased down the UPS truck.. oh the irony!

    If nothing else you can probably call UPS and tell them you’ll come pick them up, if the warehouse is near you. I’ve done that with UPS and Fedex many times since they like to deliver only during work hours when I’m.. at work!

  4. oranges2oranges says:

    LOL! Very funny everyone! Thanks for the humor…it was a frustrating thing. I got my shoes last night. I’ll talk about it on today’s post. 🙂

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