Oranges 2 Oranges

Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

Extended Visit

on November 17, 2008

The nephew is sick, so he’s staying home with me today. I got my run in yesterday, so today’s a rest day anyway. We’re almost certain to catch the cold he has. It’s nearly impossible to keep the germs contained to only his person. We had a good time yesterday at the Jukebox Show. In addition to other things, I found a gumball machine to add to the collection. It’s one that I missed on ebay. I think I forgot to bid on it, and I was pretty upset to have given it up like that. We found this one on the floor in a booth at the show, and the seller walked up to us and said we could make him a ridiculous offer. Got it for ten bucks! It’s probably one of my oldest in the collection, too.

Signing off from cold headquarters. I hope to report back by Wednesday about what a great run I’d had. :-\


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