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Tomorrow’s My First C25K Workout!

on August 31, 2008

Tomorrow I’m going to start the C25K. Week one, day one. I’ll report back on the C25K page either later in the day tomorrow or on Tuesday. We’ve been so busy (9am-?pm) every day this weekend doing stuff around the house, and tomorrow is going to be no different (unless we finish early). I’m planning on doing the workout mid- to late-morning sometime, when there’s a half hour to take a break for it (or just do it really early). I’ll have more energy than I’d have if I waited until the afternoon. I’m still trying to decide on which podcast I want to use for this. The podcasts tell me when to walk and when to run in the workout so I don’t have to time it myself. Each has different music, and they’re both okay, but this is going to carry me through 9 weeks, but if I decide I don’t like the one I chose, I can always switch. I’d just like to start and end with the same one.

Okay, I’ll be back tomorrow or Tuesday with the report and how much I loved it or hated it. Either way, I’m going to keep going.


2 responses to “Tomorrow’s My First C25K Workout!

  1. MizFit says:

    happy first C25K run.
    my own running PERIOD (Im talking a mile or 2 ) has been beyond sporadic so I, too, am hoping to do it today.

    to get my husband to watch our toddler and GO.
    THAT SAID Im more convinced now than ever that I need an mp3 player.

  2. oranges2oranges says:

    Thanks, MizFit!

    I like to have music in my ears to keep me going when I’m on the treadmill. It’s also kind of fun adding new songs once in a while. I have a list to which I add songs I hear that would be good running songs, for when I’m done with the program and can run without timing intervals (or for that final 30-min run on C25K graduation day!).

    Have a good run today!


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