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Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

I Graduated C25K!

I’m just quickly posting that I finished the C25K today! I’ll post details and some photos later…  🙂

(To quickly answer a question – I’m starting OHR next week.)


Week 9 – Break Out the Cap & Gown!

I started Week 9 today, the final week of the C25K program. I’ll be graduating in 4 days! My first report is here, on the Week 9 page.

***Week 9 Update***: I’ve posted about my second run this week. I’ve included a question that anyone can answer freely. Stop by and give it a gander!

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NaNoWriMo! and OHR Decision…

(Click for website)

My sister told me about this, and I’ve been wanting to do something like it for a little while now. The goal is to write 50,000 words (a novel) during the month of November. It’s called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. I’m signed up, on top of doing this… DRUMROLL PLEASE…

I’ve decided to go ahead with doing the One Hour Runner (OHR) program after I finish the C25K next week!

The format of this blog will most likely stay the same for the time being, with the weeks numbered, until I work on getting hosted on my own and designing Oranges 2 Oranges myself. That’s another project in the works, rattling around in my brain.  :^\

Post Update:

I have posted about my 3rd run of Week 8. You can read it toward the bottom of my Week 8 page. 

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Now, that’s more like it!

I’ve posted my second report on Week 8. Today’s run was more like I’m used to. You can read about it on my Week 8 page

Also, here’s the link to the Go! 5K Walk/Run in Oak Brook, IL, that I posted about last week, for those of you who haven’t seen the post: Go! 5K Run in Fullersburg Woods.

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Week 8 – Where has the time gone?

I’ve posted my first report on this week’s runs. It was a really strange workout. I’m not completely convinced I was even present. LOL Check it out on my Week 8 page. Have a good one!!!

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Middle of Week 7 and My First Poll

There’s a new poll feature available, so I thought I’d give it a try today to find out a little about my running visitors and friends. Check out my post for today’s run and the poll that follows it on my Week 7 page.

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Week 7 Has Started!

I just posted my report on Day 1 of Week 7 of the C25K on the Week 7 page. Thanks for coming by!


Congrats to all the Chicago Marathon Runners!

Just wanted to say a quick congrats to all who ran in the Chicago Marathon today! Special congratulations to our friend, Liz. You did great!  🙂

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25 Minutes and onto Week 7 next time!

Having a good weekend, everyone? I just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted my report on my third workout for Week 6 on the Week 6 page. I did 25 minutes today! 😛

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Another Link & an Interlude in Week 6

Here is the third step of Roni’s series, “3 Steps to a Healthier YOU!”

Step 3: Move More

I also commented on her article, but wanted to repeat my comment here, so I’ve posted it as an interlude to my Week 6 progress on the Week 6 page. It was something that I realized I wanted you all to read, too, because it explains a little about my attitude about the running.


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