Oranges 2 Oranges

Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

I’m still here!

on March 16, 2009

Hi, everyone. I realize it’s been over 3 months since I’ve written anything on this blog. Since it was mainly about my running, and I had stopped running (on purpose, not due to any injury), I hadn’t felt like visiting and updating anyone on what’s going on, and that was selfish of me. The original purpose of this blog was to track my progress on the C25K program (which can be seen by using the links on this page), so when I finished, it was more of a day-by-day record of how I was keeping up the running.

I noticed that there are still visitors to this page, and once I figure out how things are going to go in terms of the running (which I really want to take up again) and the rest of my plans for the site, I’ll be back on here, posting regularly.

To all my online running friends from whom I have been absent, please accept my apologies and know that I think often about all of you. I hope to be back on soon! I hope you are all well.


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