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Looking Back at 5K and Moving Forward…

Week 6, Day 1 Report Posted & Links…

I finally wrote about Monday’s workout! You can read it on my Week 6 page. Doing Day 2 today, so that should be up soon, too.

If you get a chance, check out Steps 1 & 2 of a 3-Step series from Roni on her site, Roni’s Weigh, called, “3 Steps to a Healthier YOU!” She’s got a lot of personal insight into getting healthier and accepting your body before you can change it, and how losing weight didn’t make her happy, but getting healthier did. Step 2 is about throwing away the idea of being “on a diet” and making good choices, instead. If you make a wrong choice, make a better choice the next time. It’s a very insteresting read. I’ll post the link to Step 3 when it’s on the site.

Step 1: Self-Acceptance

Step 2: Stateless Dieting


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Walking vs. Running & Net Calories

I just found an interesting article on that asks the question, “How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?” and talks about the differences in calories burned between walking and running. I had no idea that there’s a difference between “total” calories burned and “net” calories burned. It’s an interesting read. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Week 6 begins for me tomorrow. After doing the 20-minute run yesterday, I feel that tomorrow’s will be a lot easier, having shorter, more frequent intervals. I wonder why it’s after the longer run? Maybe it’s deceptively more challenging, or maybe it’s a merciful break before the 25-minute run at the end of the week.  😛


20 Minutes…On Cloud Nine!

I finished Week 5 with a 20-minute run! I’ve posted my report on my Week 5 page. What a feeling!

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8 Minutes!

Today was Day Two of Week 5, meaning I had to do two sets of 8-minute runs, with a walking break in the middle. I also had my very first “should I be going on” moment, when I started feeling a little nagging feeling in my lower right leg. Both reports for the week so far are posted here, on my Week 5 page.

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